Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fuck Global Warming, this snow is rediculous!

Ok, so it seems that I haven't posted in five days. That means that I owe this blog 5 more drawings, plus one more for catchup. Currently I have some of them, am working on some, and I'm missing the rest. Despite my being behind, and with exception of the pain in my back, I feel pretty good, simply because I had an interesting last couple of days. For three days I was stranded due to the snow, in what is perhaps one of the most secluded places in tacoma(my parents house). In that time, I constructed a thigh-high sled jump and an igloo, nearly broke my neck/back (from the jump), got frostbite (from the igloo), and drew a 30 or so foot tall alien in the snow of my parents front lawn. All without a change of clothes.

"Oh my back!"

ps. In my next post I will reconcile my drawing situation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

twofer is such a strange word.

Hokay, I've got a twofer today. Last night was a pretty productive night. I finished an illustration that I'd been working on for the last couple of days, And I decided to practice making textures by painting in photoshop, but It quickly descended into an all out psychedelic wheredidthatcomefrom?.

Dear Hunters,

I don't really know what to say about this one, just that it fell together really quickly towards the end. I feel like I'm finally starting to get comfortable with lighting without reference. I double posted this one, but it still counts as one. Don't worry I'm not cheating.

This one I promise wasn't intended to be this psychedelic. I started out from a macro photo of a rusted out barrel. I was going to practice creating texture by recreating the photograph, but I just started doodling after like half an hour or so. I was having probably too much fun with the circles.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

romantic escapades... don't act like you don't know what i'm talking about

Here's my latest addition to the pile. Its my part of my final for my trees and forests class. Silly Humanities. Anyway, this was my first go at giving painter as serious run. There's a couple issues that I have with the program, but nothing I can't learn to live with. I hope. Something else that I hope is that I will finish this illustration I'm working on, and hopefully get it put up this evening. I think it will turn out well.


Monday, December 15, 2008

If someone payed me to be a midget...

to drive through a wall with a tank... I'd have to tell them that I couldn't because its time to go back home to bed. Its really cold out, so sleep is going to be nice once I get home. As for the drawing that I'm supposed to have up, I'm working on it. This whole illustration of the day is something that I'm still getting used to. Anyway, I'm more than half way on it, and its looking really good. I'll be happy post it when its done :D Sleep time.


Edit 12-18-2008: Its snowing like awesome outside! I totally love it. You will most likely hear me a week from now saying how much I hate it. But regardless of that sitch, I've got another.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three days in, already a day behind..

But I promise I'll catch up.

Anywho, here's my second image of the day. Its a little painting that I did for no other purpose than as a study of the mechanics of light, and as an exploration of this fragmented style that I've been interested in. I did it in a color palette I haven't really tried before. Probably won't do that again intentionally. And forgive me for his left hand.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okay.. Slow down, breathe, its time to get kickin.

Ok, so save for a few loose ends, school is done, and I've got high hopes for the coming month. Firstly, I'd like to state that I've got plenty that I want to do; one of them is to actualize my intentions of getting comfortable with, and maintaining this blog on a regular basis. Secondly, what I want to do is keep the drawing/painting coming at a regular pace, which I will keep this blog informed of as I go by having there be an average of one image per day through the break. Gradually I'm going to up the ante, but for the time being, this is it. Its go time!

Here we are, my final assignment in my Illustration in the Market Class. The prompt was to create a poster for a band of our choosing, which I chose a great dubstep artist who goes by Burial. The techniques used were very new to me, and I feel like I did a great deal of experimenting with this image. Its an interesting style. I think I'll explore this more in the future. What do you think?

I can't help but think that the blogger dialogue for attaching images is horrible.
Over and out

Monday, June 16, 2008

If I thought with my mouth, I'd be a poet... in an asylum

I've been in a massive creative block lately, and the following is a list of reasons I think may be causing it:

  • Alot of things have changed in my life in the last month. Them being:
    • I started summer vacation, i.e: I went from structured, organized projects to not structured, organized projects.
    • After that I was laid off from my job (really?! laid off? I'm too young for this.)
    • Spent alot of time between then and the beginning of last week frantically looking for a job. <-- Alot of pressure.
    • I spent my off time from that working on a project that was (until recently) seemingly endless and extraordinarily daunting. (now its just BIG)
    • Starting my new job, and adjusting to the time warp. (I sit in a dark room, in front of a computer for 8 hours, and I never know if its going to be light or dark outside.
  • All the aforesaid really--really freaked me out.
  • My expectations have grown faster than my abilities.
  • I've not been trying terribly hard, then getting unsatisfactory results, so I give up. <-- I really, really need to fix this one.
  • I've been feeling anti-social.
There's more. I know it, but I'm not gonna try and think the rest. Instead, I'm going to brainstorm some ways to get past this: ....right after some food.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ok, Lets get this party started!

I've decided that in order to keep myself busy, I've decided to create this here blog. We shall soon see how well this is going to turn out. So to kick this off: My tummy hurts. I did sit-ups for the first time in a loooong time last night. Another attempt to keep myself busy.