Friday, January 2, 2009

A time to reconcile.

Ok, so after long wait, I have several new illustrations to post, as well as tales of more to come.

So this was inspired by an awkward situation at a diner. Don't worry, I won't give you the details.

I saw to unlikely homies talking at a bus stop and I thought it was funny. This isn't them.

Just doodling. This one is a total cop out. Apologies.

So this is a really interesting one I think. I Don't have a whole lot to say about it. These creatures seem to be a recurring phenomenon in some of my drawings lately. I don't know what they are or where they come from yet, but have tended to show up during dreams and hallucinations. They are scary.

Ok, so that's four more on the pile, but it seems that I'm missing a few. In fact, so far I'm only 9 for 22, which depresses me more than anything, so if anybody would care to slap me in the face, and demand that I become inspired, It would be much appreciated. With that said, I should announce that there are indeed illustrations in the works. I have another finished, however, I'd forgotten to scan it. In other words you will see it soon. I have a penciled illustration which is done, and its high time to start coloring it. I don't feel like I have a clear direction with that one, so it may take longer or shorter. Optimistically shorter. I have a pair of shoes that I will soon begin to paint for a certain sister of mine, Hopefully they will fit(I think they will be a smidge too small). In addition to this, I have a few miscellaneous side projects which will likely not make it into the blog. I think for the moment, that will give me plenty to chew on, but I will strongly try to keep focused and get my shit together.



lull said...

You're worse at this updating shit than I am.

lull said...


Ellie said...

hey you! I'm posting drawings and stuff on my blog again too... you should check it out.

all the best, happy spring!