Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fuck Global Warming, this snow is rediculous!

Ok, so it seems that I haven't posted in five days. That means that I owe this blog 5 more drawings, plus one more for catchup. Currently I have some of them, am working on some, and I'm missing the rest. Despite my being behind, and with exception of the pain in my back, I feel pretty good, simply because I had an interesting last couple of days. For three days I was stranded due to the snow, in what is perhaps one of the most secluded places in tacoma(my parents house). In that time, I constructed a thigh-high sled jump and an igloo, nearly broke my neck/back (from the jump), got frostbite (from the igloo), and drew a 30 or so foot tall alien in the snow of my parents front lawn. All without a change of clothes.

"Oh my back!"

ps. In my next post I will reconcile my drawing situation.


lull said...

Dude, you's a bitch. That snow ain't shit.

Ellie said...

Reconcile your drawing situation! i WILL hold you accountable!! ;)